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Lion Fish
Parrotfish in the radar dish
On the USS Vandenberg
Key West Salvenger
Skipster’s Profile Photo
Skipster’s Profile Photo
Three Sharks pose for the shot... hehehe
Pretty good sized Lemon Sharks - Bora Bora
Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora
Sunset in Bora Bora
More sharks
Shark in Raiatea
Clownfish off Raiatea
from the deck of a small resort on Rangiroa
Moorish Idols in Rangiroa
Butterfly fish in Rangiroa
Blacktip Reef Sharks in Riaitea
Clownfish in Bora Bora
diving off Moorea
after my 100th dive!
Reef Shark in the Bahamas
Reef Shark in the Bahamas
Moray - Bahamas
Fan coral - Bahamas
A Pederson cleaning shrimp
Diving the "Triple Wrecks" in the Bahamas
That’s me on the "Triple Wrecks" dive in the Bahamas
Reef Shark in the Bahamas
On a shark dive in the Bahamas
Cozumel trip
Lots of barracuda
light at the end of the tunnel
checking it out in Cozumel
Seahorse - photo from Searobin
through the cave
vertical drifting
School time
sleeping nurse shark
in Palancar caves - Cozumel
Tormentos - Cozumel
in the wreck of the C53
like diving in an aquarium
just a few blue tang
Inside the C53 shipwreck in Cozumel
surface interval in Cozumel... what a view while off-gassing!
Palancar caves