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Lion’s Mane Jelly
Winter Flounder
Lion’s Mane Jelly
m_grieco’s Profile Photo
Frogfish Under Dive-boat, Hawaii (2011)
Grey Angelfish Pair, Grand Cayman (2009)
m_grieco’s Profile Photo
Atlantic Spadefish, North Carolina (2010)
Viper Moray, Hawaii (2011)
Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Grand Cayman (2009)
Spiny Lobster, Grand Cayman (2009)
Tiger Grouper, Grand Cayman (2009)
Sand-Tiger Shark
Bunaken Island: Reefscape
Straits of Tiran: Reefscape
Divided Flatworm, Kona, Hawaii 2011
Pseudoceros kentii flatworm, Lanai, Hawaii 2011
Yellow Margin Moray with Banded Coral Shrimp, Kona, Hawaii 2011
Day Octopus, Kona, Hawaii 2011
Manta Night Dive, Kona, Hawaii 2011
Commerson’s Frogfish, Kona, Hawaii 2011
Barracuda on the Spar
Reef Scene, Grand Cayman
Southern Stingray, Grand Cayman
Grey Angelfish Pair, Grand Cayman
Spotted Eagle Ray Feeding, Grand Cayman
Amphitrite, Sunset House, Grand Cayman
Mahogeny Snapper, Grand Cayman
Sunset, Cook Islands (Rarotonga)
Nudibranch (Chromodoris africana), Egypt
Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Roatan
Caribbean Reef Squid (Night), Roatan
Long-Snout Seahorse, Roatan
Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt
Risso Dolphins, Egypt
Black Crested Macaque, Indonesia
Green Parrot, Roatan
Iguana, Bonaire
1000 Steps, Bonaire
Anenomefish, Indonesia
Giant Clam, Indonesia
Bearded Fire Worm, Roatan
Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Bonaire
Reef Scene, Bonaire
Clear-fin Lionfish (Night), Egypt
Burrfish (Night), Egypt
Flat Worm (Thysanozoon sp.), Egypt
Red Sea Reef, Egypt