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Pool at end of pier over ocean
Seconds to No Air - Free Flow and Hose Failure
Man pulls shark from water for a picture
Santa Snorkeling Merry Christmas
Free diving with shark
Death by Shark
2015 DiveBuddy T-Shirt
Floating Farms with Solar
Happy Memorial Day!
Portroe Quarry - North Tipperary, Ireland 2015 T-Shirt
Terry and Greg at Discovery Diving in NC
Bridge Monster at creek in Austin TX
Sunset at Fishy Fishy Cafe in Southport NC
Screw it, I’m swimming to shore.
Scuba Diver at the Office
Sand, Water and Sun
Hoseless Regulator by Mares
I’m Happy When I’m Down - T-Shirt
I’m Happy When I’m Down
Scuba Boot Tear
Air Integrated Dive Computers - Hose vs. Hoseless
Opposite Day?
Abandoned Mine in Ural Mountains in Russia
Scuba Calculators added to DiveBuddy Mobile Site
Snorkeling with Turtle
Pen Shell (Pinnidae) from Amilia Island Plantation in FL
Save-A-Dive Kit
Single Minded
Sunset Beach Park Oahu Hawaii
Turnip Rock - Lake Huron - Michigan
Seal vs. Octopus
Left Shark Caught
Anyone try Narwhal beer?
Must Have More Gear!
Bathtub Snorkel
Snorkeling with Jellies
APALS light strips for scuba diving
Best Smoked Oysters - Geisha
Sunset and Sky
Sunset and Sky with Aqua Filter
Barnacle Bob’s Scuba and Boat Salvage
Barnacle Bob’s Scuba and Boat Salvage
Scuba dive in your own aquarium
5 Star Reethi Rah Resort in Maldives
How to Add Links and Images to DiveBuddy
How to Add Links and Images to DiveBuddy (BBCode, HTML)
Comal River closed due to heavy rain previous day