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C-53 Cozumel Mexico
2013 Channel Islands
2013 Channel Islands Dive Trip
half and half 2011 Channel islands 2011
break in the fog 2011
2011 - no stringer no bag just the pole
2011 trip extremely successful
Shanes first lobster 2011
Another vgreat catch 2011
Dad & Son 2011
The Man
Great Trip 2011 Channel Islands
Great catch 2011 Channel Islands 2011
2011 Channel islands dive trip
Lobster Channel islands 2011
Great Ligcod 2011
Channel islands 2011 dive trip
McCloud caught limit rainbows and browns
McCloud Lake German Brown
Getting set to hit the water Cozumel MX 2010
Three Sharks pose for the shot... hehehe
Pretty good sized Lemon Sharks - Bora Bora
Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora
Sunset in Bora Bora
More sharks
Shark in Raiatea
Clownfish off Raiatea
from the deck of a small resort on Rangiroa
Moorish Idols in Rangiroa
Butterfly fish in Rangiroa
Blacktip Reef Sharks in Riaitea
Clownfish in Bora Bora
diving off Moorea
after my 100th dive!
Dive House boats Cozumel M.X.2010
Dive House Cozumel M.X.
Cozumel Mexico 2010
on Dive House 1, Cozumel Mexico 2010
Into the Jungle !!!!! Cozumel 2010
Casa Del Mar Cozumel Mexico 2010
Night Diving group !!!!!Cozumel MX
Hitting the water!!!! Cozumel MX.
100th Dive !!!! Cozumel MX.
Shore Dive Cozumel Mexico
Me and our Crew from Dive House Cozumel 2010
Welcome to
Cozumel Mexico 2010
Cozumel Mexico 2010