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Photos > jeff98208 > Miscellaneous
that shark was this big....
the trees sepperating my apartments and i-5 north bound
so much for taking my truck to the dive sight...
lingcod eggs
what!? no diving?????? HOW DARE THEY!!!!!!!!!
color test
one of my dive buddys
from left to right left is kenm and right is sam
a swim by
caught entering the pipe
a solo ratfish
not so shy ratfish
the headless horse is looking for the headless horseman!
my kick arse green belt children with Grand Master Lee
a dogfish, if i are correct, its a type shark. it actually bumped my camera!
heres my little octo,
this is a picture of sam and myself before our dive.
skate: we do see the skate from time to time, its just not very often!
my brother, when we where at 100fsw.
whats the deal with all these lion`s manes in the sound?
a fire in the night
the new washington plate, just for us divers!
i think he wanted to learn how to shoot pictures...
same jelly, just the under side of it
a jelly i have not seen here in the pudget sound
this ratfish got close for a better look
beautiful sunset coming off of whidbey island
big octopus. around a foot in length
not entirely sure.
grunt sculpin
me relaxing after learning how to WALK, not swim but WALK in the water.
me in a mark 5 helmet, just as i got out of the water and onto the dock.
juvenille lingcod
mouse nudibranch
eggs by the mass
bigger sea urchin
this cabazone almost removed my brothers mask
squid or octpus eggs
my brother and sister - in - law
the jellys here in the pac. n.w.