Sandtiger Sharks
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Sandtiger Sharks


Bmax - 9 days 15 hours ago.
Nice Photo. At least it was moving away!
Kimberlytitzer - 2 days ago.
Love this view with the ramora hanging on
scott - 13 days 2 hours ago.
That looks like an outer banks wreck
Kimberlytitzer - 2 days ago.
This was a dive out of Beaufort, NC on Outrageous. Caribsea is the site and best dive of the year so far! Love the sandtigers
scott - 1 day 11 hours ago.
That’s an ugly fish right. I think cartoonist use them to draw the mean ones. In Freeport Bahamas there is Unexso. (better than Stewart cove) for about $100 you can watch the guy feed about 30 at a time and maybe a nurse shark or on a rare occasion, a tiger. I haven’t seen the tiger shark but, hope some day good luck out there