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FtMyersTom - 6/28/2018 2:03 PM
BTW that was last years dive, she’s laying on her port side now after TS Nate....there was a distinct absence of dive boats on her this trip. Last year there was always 2 to 5 boats moored with maybe as high as 50 people snorkeling and diving. The last time we were snorkeling cemetery beach there wasn’t 1 boat moored and that was 2 in the afternoon.
With the plan to make it accessible to snorkelers by scuttling it shallow backfired. At less than 70ft to sand and 15ft under the surface at highest point made her susceptible to storm surges. They charged a fee to get a tag to offset the cost so now not many go there. US coast guard requires 60ft to highest point of wreck particularly so draft of larger vessels don’t hit it. Not a problem where they sunk her. But now nobody goes there anyway.
LatitudeAdjustment - 6/26/2018 2:22 PM
Well at least no one is going to sign; Where is the dive boat?
FtMyersTom - 6/26/2018 9:02 PM
Can’t get lost on that dive ;)