Salt Cay Off Shore Reefs
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Salt Cay Off Shore Reefs


FtMyersTom - 9/21/2014 3:10 PM
The beach at the bottom of picture is named North Beach. It is the best beach in British West Indies.

North Beach to around the point on the right is amazing reefs you can snorkel from shore. There is
enough reef to explore without scuba equipment. Salt Cay Divers, 1st big beach half way down right
side of picture can take you out on a skiff to wall dive, the wall drops to 200ft. This area is part of the
migration route of the Humpback whale. In the winter months you could be greeted by a pod out of
the blue. Surface intervals are done on shore and you can have lunch at coral reef bar and grill before
going back out. Salt Cay has rough accommodations and is not for people who want a resort. It is 1 star
at best, but it is old Caribbean. Salt is now listed as one of the least inhabited islands in the world.

If you want world class diving at an old world location>>>Salt Cay, Turks Islands is for you.

Contact if you want to go....I’m always ready for Turks and Caicos