Need to talk to Divers/Support Divers who work at Florida Attractions
NWKatShark - 1/30/2009 3:02 PM
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If you’re a Diver, Surface Support, Dive Tender, Dive Safety Officer, or some scuba related employee working at such places as Florida’s Seaworld, Florida Aquarium or other scuba related tourist attractions, I’d like to talk to you about employment opportunities, working conditions, wages, etc.

I’m considering moving to Florida. 

PADI DiveMaster working on IDC (Instructor) Cert.

Past volunteer at Seattle Aquarium as both feeding/maintenance Diver and in-tank/dryside Interpreter. Thorough working knowledge of FFM w/comms.

Experience handling Shark, Octopus, Wolf Eel and Puffers.

OTS Interspiro Divator MKII owner and Repair Technician