Cressi Leanardo dive computer
Pdillard - 11/26/2016 9:15 PM
Category: Equipment
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Well my VEO 250 finally took a dive. It has a habit of going blank at about 15 or so. So its become unreliable. And you can’t get it repaired.at least OCEANIC wont repair it./
So I’m looking for a new computer and I’m on a divers budget.
The CRESSI Leonardo looks promising. Does it count down for a 15’ safety stop. I heard some don’t. The price is good to.
I do NITROX, I like a planner, big screen, easy to program and one I can down load to a PC...What do you guys and ladies think.,
ELLOCODIABLO - 11/27/2016 9:51 AM
Twice the cost of the cressi but better computer IMHO. No 3 min countdown but ive owned many computers and never had that feature on them and never missed it.
Pdillard - 11/27/2016 12:53 PM
Thanks for the Input.............My con who is a technical diver has a TUSA Zen which is air integrated and practically brand new (1 year)
He will sell it to me for $250.00 . He was using it as a backup while cave diving but has since purchased another more technical one for backup for cave diving. So what do you think
ELLOCODIABLO - 11/27/2016 3:30 PM
Have no exp with that model so i cant really comment one way or the other.I run a shearwater / nitek. Personally dont believe in air integrated computers. Have seen them fail on a dive. Have never seen a spg fail but have seen hp hose leak but at least i was still able to see how much air i had left. Really depends on what type of diving your doing and what you plan on progressing to. If your gonna stay in the AOW arena then a basic computer will do. If you plan in going tech then investing in a better computer now that will grow with you may be a better choice.YMMV
Pdillard - 11/28/2016 9:17 PM
I’m with you on the integrated AIR......I’m sort a old school. I always have a backup SPG and a depth gauge. My son runs a shearwater for tech diving. I don’t think I would ever purchase a computer with integrated Air. But was offered this one at a very good price its hard to turn down....But I’m not giving up my SPG and depth gauge.