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So what do you think of the new site?
Anonymous - 4/17/2008 9:57 AM
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This forum topic is anonymous so speak your mind. What do you think of the new website? Even though I’ve put tons of work into it, that means nothing if you all aren’t happy. I’m sure there are still small bugs or missing features, but those will eventually be fixed. But for the most part, the new site is 90% done. See for my latest updates and things to come.

Also, keep in mind that change may be painful, but it is sometimes neccessary and usually beneficial in the long run. There are many more options and features on the new site, so for many, that can be overwhelming. Just be patient and make sure to ask questions in the Help Forum.

But besides all that...what do you think? Honest opinion. Is it better than the old site? Do you like the functionality? Is it easy to navigate? Would you refer your friends to the new site? Thanks for all your comments (positive or negative).

Anonymous - 4/17/2008 11:31 AM
Hi Greg,

At first I have to be honest and say that I disliked the new site, but now having used it for sometime I have grown to like it, and I would certainly recommend DiveBuddy to others, and do.
Positives……..having your buddy’s new photo and blogs on the main page, also like the video

Negatives……..the chat room is not as good as when I first joined DiveBuddy it was nice to see the profile photo of the people that were in the room, and 50% of the time that I use the new room I get bumped off

Would be nice……….to see which of you buddy’s were on line and also other members, if you reintroduce polls it would be nice to see the results, and it would also be good if members could post a poll.

Thank you for all your hard work Greg

Almost forgot

I hope that more divers from the UK find there way to the site

Anonymous - 4/17/2008 6:03 PM
I love your website ! I like it because its for divers to find other divers to buddy with. Because of your hard work. I will be diving with more new divers friends in the area that I dive. Mike B.
Anonymous - 4/17/2008 11:19 PM
Hey, I like the site. It is great, but what do I know? I was’nt part of it with the old site I like the fact that you can see other divers pictures and vids. I also like seeing all my buds on the page to see when they were last on or if they have been on recently.

However, The chat room needs much more work. It is usually slow and we get logged off alot. Also I would like to see who is online as well as seing if any of my buddies are on line. Is it possible to get im’s included on the site? I do like the site alot and have met some very nice and cool people on this site. It was a great thing for me to join. Greg did a great job, and he still does. Good job!
Anonymous - 4/18/2008 7:58 AM
Over all I think its good but I worry that the "search" feature will not be as nice as the old site..time will tell once the "advanced search" is up.

I hope we will still be able to seach by means other than location/postal code alone.
Anonymous - 5/17/2008 11:33 PM
easy to use, easy to update/edit and v attentive owner/creator. 10/10. Excellent use of the internet.