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Playa del Carmin march 3-9 2011
RodneyKim - 2/23/2011 8:22 PM
Category: Travel
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Hello all, my wife and I will be in Playa del Carmin with another couple on above dates. Kim and I are the only divers. Does anyone have any suggestions for sites to dive or scuba shops? Anyone else going at the same time? Thanks in advance for any reccomendations.
LatitudeAdjustment - 2/24/2011 3:27 PM
The only dive I have done in PDC was Tortugas reef which is a fast drift over feeding turtles, lots of them, big fat green morays and one bull shark at the edge of vis.
WarmWaterTurner - 2/24/2011 4:16 PM

Rodney -

Check Max and Morgan out at

We have used them whenever we are there.
Dovelg - 2/26/2011 5:29 AM
I agree with Geofish dive shop!!! Dove with them a couple of times and had a great time, very professional operation!
WarmWaterTurner - 2/26/2011 7:55 AM
Had another thought as well. Since you have two that don’t dive - if they enjoy snorkeling I would take them to Akumal. It is a fantastic snorkel park with lots of marine life. The turtles love the area. It is not as commercial as Xel Ha. You can get there by cab or rent a car. It is only about 40 minutes south of Playa and well worth the trip. There is also the Akumal Dive Center - so you could dive and they could snorkel and lay on the beach. It is our second most favorite spot around Playa.
RodneyKim - 2/26/2011 9:37 AM

I have to ask what is your #1 most favorite spot in PDC area?

Being from the midwest US and without much else to go on, our dive class instructors said if all else is the same to go with a 5 star padi dive center when you have the choice. This definately helps cut down on the choices. I see Tank-Ha does Cozumel dives direct from PDC, where the other ones have you take a ferry over and use some other dive center once you get to Cozumel. Or so it appears to me. Any experience here?
WarmWaterTurner - 2/26/2011 12:33 PM
Yes, when I take the ferry I dive out of the Blue Angel They have a couple of boats a day plus they have shore entry as well. Granted to reef took a big from Hurricane Wilma and has not fully recovered but next to BA is the "sting ray prison". This is a fenced area full of rays. It attracts LOTS of marine life. If you go to Cozumel I would strongly recommend doing a night dive at Paradise Gardens. It is wonderful! The diving is in my opinion better than Playa but you can’t beat the atmosphere of 5th street in Playa. PM me if you need more info. You will love it.
MontanaDiver - 2/26/2011 10:44 PM

Geo-fish is a good shop, also Playa Scuba is is a great operation. The diving is either the animal oriented dives off Playa del Carmen or the plant life off of Cozumel. My best dives were with Aldora Divers on Cozumel. You can take the early ferry over to go out early or they will work with you to coordinate with the cruise ships to go later. They utilize steel 120 tanks so you will have lots of gas. The day I went the seas were a little rough so we went in their larger boat, not their six-pack. The DM’s and boat crew were awesome. I will use them again.

The other diving option is the ceynotes. They are the inland caves located between Playa and Tulum. I dived them almost exclusively two years ago since the harbor was closed nearly every day due to large waves. Each ceynotes is a little different, yet stunning.

I hope you have a great time.

Reddiver - 3/03/2011 6:13 PM
I can recommend Tank Ha. Great shop. Try the cenote diving- small groups with a guide- open water certs ok and cool diving. This shop is right on the main avenue off of the beach. Safe diving.
joeyro16 - 3/20/2011 4:18 PM
if you are thinking about cavern dives, one of my good friends is a very well respected cave and cavern guide, (and he is Canadian), I can send you his info if you like