RAWalker - 3/19/2009 1:04 PM
My wife is a bigger than average woman and when I took her out shopping for her own BCD we found her choices in a design for women BC to be very limited in her size. She was using my Sherwood Tortuga BC during her OW training and decided she liked it more than anything else she tried on. It fit her well and she has used it since. The Tortuga is a hybrid back inflator and my suggest is either a hybrid back inflator or a true back inflator. I myself took the opportunity of my wife taking my BC to move on to a Backplate &Wing. This is a modular system that consists of a harness, mounting plate, wing and tank straps. It cam be kept very simple with what is referred to as a HOG harness or a Deluxe comfort harness which would have the releases found on a Jacket style BC. Each can have pocket added for storage. The advantage is it’s customizabilty, excellent in water trim charactistics and weigh distribution. This is normally not considered a beginners BCD but there are no reasons why not other than you will need help and guidance setting it up.