LatitudeAdjustment - 7/13/2022 7:34 AM
On a Galapagos trip our tour guide wore a blue and yellow wetsuit, he broke the cardinal rule there, Always keep the DM with the yellow tank in sight !
While waiting for Whalesharks he lost sight of the group, surfaced and got swept away. Him wearing something other than black should have made him easier to spot but it took us over an hour. He had left his sausage onboard to streamline his rig :( Since his strobe would be useless photoing big stuff he left it on the boat also so he couldn’t flash it to get our attention :( Be like a Boy Scout and be prepared !

BTW, I used to go thru Spring Hill a lot, my son lived up in Sugar Mill and we would pass you on our way south to Pahokee and Blue Heron Bridge.