LatitudeAdjustment - 2/03/2022 7:07 AM
I assume you have your own or have access to a boat to need this.
The lesser known/dived sites are that way because they don’t produce enough for the bug hunters to request them or they are ones that the sand moves over from time to time. None of the boats seem to want to do exploratory dives any more :(
Dive boats never want to share those numbers and in the old days same sites had different names depending on which boat you went out on.
There are fishing sites that list the gps fixes but again they haven’t dove the site so their site descriptions sometimes don’t always match what we see. Some of the old fixes were from celestial navigation and can be miles off :( One that was listed as a USN airship was scrap metal that had fallen overboard :(
That said, there are surprises out there. 50 years ago our club was diving the Slabs off Beach Haven, I took a student about 100’ away to get away from the Sprearos and we found a 65’ + or - coastal gaff rigged schooner sitting upright. Since it still had its brass I’m sure no others had found it. Our Captain didn’t know it was there. The woman who had a dive shop and now the museum on LBI didn’t know about it. I’m guessing the sand has moved back over it