AntBoy - 9/17/2021 9:08 AM

No Sir. the PADI app is basically a gateway for PADI to get their ads into your life and to spam you, and to keep their database they sell to third parties for "products you may be interested in" updated with your email, your photo, your phone number, your address, DOB, and your GPS location. Basically PADI collects everything needed to commit identity theft.

If you want to see your certs or do anything an app is actually supposed to do, you have to buy the "code", they send the code to your email you registered with, then you enter the code into their app. Then they have your name, address, DOB, GPS location, photo, email, phone number, and your credit card number.

That’s why PADI sold for 700 million dollars a few years ago. The value was the consumer identity marketing goldmine, not the scuba diving training.