azariy - 8/17/2021 5:35 AM
From cyberfed: Calling on all Jacksonville area divers!!!
I returned to Florida after living in Colorado for a few years. I am a diver located now in Jacksonville and I am struggling to find people to dive with and charters for that matter. I own all my gear and I am no stranger to diving. I gone diving all over Florida and covered almost every major site. I hold the following certifications:

Advanced Nitrox
Decompression Diver

Though I do not cave dive anymore I am open to anything else. I’ve done all the springs a million times. Lowork timeoking to do some more ocean diving but I’m game for any kind of diving (minus cave). I’m not looking to use this as a dating site lol. I’m in a committed relationship. Looking to find some buddies to setup trips and get some bottom time. Please hit me up! I’m a laid back person and will be glad to chip towards costs of the trip should we decide to carpool or you own a boat ect...


I wanted to ask you whether you are a tour-organizer or we gonna gather like a company of friends?