NakedDiver - 6/22/2021 12:22 PM
From LatitudeAdjustment: Well being a naked diver you save a lot by not needing wetsuit$ or drysuit$
This obsession nowadays with being warm and cosy all the time is ridiculous. Fair enough when you’re trying to sleep or relax in front of the TV, but if you’re out doing sports, who cares?

From LatitudeAdjustment: Usually we give new divers the task of filling tanks with a bicycle pump but maybe your electric compressor will work faster. Just be sure to change the filters and keep the oil out of your tank
An hour to an hour and a half to fill 12 litres to 300 bar. No good if you’re filling multiple tanks for a group of people, but if you have one compressor per tank, it’s no problem. I’ve seen the filter collecting oil and water, and the air in the tank smells pure. Good enough for me.