Holty54 - 6/04/2021 1:59 PM
I read your message on the forum, I live in the UK and have been diving in Eygpt several times.
Shore-based diving from Sharm El Sheik, would mainly reef diving as the Red Sea wrecks are too far away, nearest the Thisalgorm is 4 to 5 hours in a boat, also there is no site seeing from you have to fly to see the pyramids.
Hurghada has some good shore diving, and the city of Luxor is possible by coach trip, Good liveaboard boats run out of Hurghada, and you get to see some nice wrecks and Reefs.
I usually use Blue O Two, Myself and some friends have a trip booked for May 2022, as the trip was canceled this year due to Corona Virus.
Good luck I hope you get booked up