UnderwaterMartini - 2/03/2021 11:25 AM
Also consider:
-can the computer easily switch gases mid dive
-have a tech mode
-built in compass that works
-Does this computer have a rebreather mode, with bailout gas selection. Rebreathers are our future, and even though they come with console-ish computers, everyone still uses their old wrist one as a back up..
-gauge mode
-AI is only a plus if the computer can listen to 2 sensors at once. Otherwise, SPG’s are still king. AI is nice on single tank rec rigs, but not really a big deal at all. I only added mine because my computer records pressures for me in the log. Makes it easier to fill out my paper logs later on. $300 for the sensor is a tough pill to swallow.

I’d only go with a wrist watch or forearm mounted style. Not a console.