aeroknut - 9/17/2020 6:54 AM
It sounds from your writing that one or more skills may not be to PADI OW standards yet? Incomplete skills are one thing but asymmetrical thrust? I don’t get that one. I’m sure there is much more to the story. In any event, you paid for OW Certification so the instructor should provide the training necessary to get u there. If there are some challenges to completing a skill then a reasonable effort (additional dives?) should be offered to make you more comfortable/proficient. At some point there may be an expectation of additional compensation if your ability to successfully complete the required skill takes an extraordinary amount of time.
In the end, if you feel you have completed the skills necessary for OW certification and your instructor disagrees then I see two possible courses of action.
1. Ask him for a referral (your training record can be transferred to any other instructor or shop) and find another instructor to complete the training. The cost for this could vary widely.
2. Contact PADI Quality Management and voice your displeasure with your experience, though I doubt this option would result in a change to your instructor’s certification level recommendation.