seanw - 9/12/2020 12:04 PM
Yea, it’s exorbitant, but they’re owned by a private equity firm so I’m not surprised. It’ll blow your mind when you learn they also charge the same for E-cards. Heck, they give the ecard to you for 30 days and then try and sell it to you for $40 after that expires.

I find it hard to get worked up about cards for instructors since they’ve got a willing business relationship with PADI so I see it as a cost of doing business. There are still a ton of rec divers out there with the same problem and no leverage.

I think a fair solution for both parties would be along the lines of putting all the ratings on one card so that when you complete a class you get an updated card. It would be an incentive to keep taking classes and still keep providing PADI with income.