Oceanking - 9/07/2020 2:08 PM
Well if you arw pretty healthy, as far as your ears and lungs go, I’m sure you can dive for 10 years or so. I’ve seen lots of people diving in their early- mid 70’s.
And as far as equipment goes, don’t listen to your shop. They want you to buy their expensive brand new equipment when you can get used one for quarter of that price. When you service old regs they become new. If you need computer then go on ebay and buy suunto cobra or viper with bad depth sensor for 30$ and send it to suunto, they have recall on them, and you’ll get brand new computer for free.
Check offerup in your area and you’ll get masks, fins, tanks and all you need for pennies on a dollar. I have high end gear(2 sets) and I did not pay even a $1. I bought bunch of used gear in bulk, kept what I need and sold the rest. That’s how you buy scuba gear. Lots of people think they gonna be divers and they follow dive shop advise and buy new expensive gear and after a few dives they realise that they will not dive anymore and they forced to sell it for nothing. Good luck with your diving!