Cesc - 12/27/2019 6:17 AM
LatitudeAdjustment and Eric_R, thanks for taking the time to answer, very appreciated! :)

LatitudeAdjustment: Both are fair points :), I understand it can look suspicious and probably rushed too much into posting before a proper introduction. If it helps brining some transparency, this is me: linkedin.com/in/fmontserrat/ attempting to put my two passions together into building something hopefully useful to other divers.

About point 2, you are totally right, an online logbook is reinvention of the wheel at this point :-/ but if anyone here has a wish of what software tools could do for divers I would be very happy to include changes or pivot into something more useful.

Again thanks for the reply :)

P.S: I wasn’t able to reply earlier because my account approval was pending, not sure how I was able to post in the first place :D