Airworks - 7/31/2019 6:25 AM
It appears to me that the primary reason the dive industry doesn’t energetically push inland diving is because to do so would detract from the more lucrative coastal/tropical dive industry.

Allow me to illustrate with a personal example.

Due to my work schedule and family responsibilities, I much prefer diving locally as opposed to taking time and money to travel and dive. If I happen to visit a coastal area, then I’ll plan ahead of time to check out a charter. Otherwise, my goal is to get wet as often as possible, which means diving locally. I’m not content diving once or twice a year; once or twice a WEEK is more like it!

So every time I dive locally, I DON’T dive abroad. That means the North Carolina charter I’ve used on several occasions DOESN’T get my business.

Granted, I would LOVE to dive abroad more if I had the time and could afford it. But in this season of my life, diving locally is my focus.

Based on the dive industry’s financial focus, industry leaders will probably never passionately promote local diving. For them, as BillParker said, the money is not there.

The Dive Industry appears to understand that there are TWO very different kinds of diving, inland vs tropical, and it has chosen to bet on (thus invest money, time and energy in) tropical diving. Instead of actively encouraging and financially supporting local diving efforts, the industry has decided to “let it die a slow death”. That may explain why local diver participation has been in decline for such a long time.

The fact is that if inland diving were to become SO ATTRACTIVE to divers that they begin to patronize local dive sites more than they visit coastal charters, then tropical diving would take a big financial hit. The two types of diving would then become strong COMPETITORS!

In my humble opinion, that’s not something the current dive industry wants to hear.


BTW, I’ve written several articles that touch on several of the topics raised and posted them in Divebuddy. Most are in the educational section, but I’ve also included a few personal and general ones. Please feel free to read one or more, and let’s engage in a conversation.