MDW - 3/24/2019 9:28 PM
So opening day is Saturday April 6. That’s now less than 2 weeks out, so let’s all start firming up plans. I will be there Saturday morning and will set up on the student side. I usually work off the tailgate of my truck so I’ll probably be straight across the road from one of the ramps down to the wedding dock (right before the big semi-permanent tent).
My plan is to dive a single tank with the "vintage style" harness/BC/reg I broke in diving with Chase on the New Year’s Eve dive. I’ve got my drysuit, hood and undies all ready to go. Just need to find those cold water mittens and away we go.
Whoever else is going, feel free to come over to that area and we’ll buddy up into a group of 2 or 3 (or several teams of 2 or 3 with a coincident start time) and make a dive plan.