MDW - 2/25/2019 8:07 AM
Here’s the info, if anyone wants to join me:
25 Feb 2019 - South Florida Dive HQ, 101 North Riverside, Pompano Beach. Be at their office in the hotel at 12:30. I think the boat pulls out about 1:00. They took my reservation on Friday, but I don’t have to pay until I arrive today, so you can probably just show up and get on. This trip is 2 dives on the Okinawa at 30’ to 65’ on an anchor (no drift dive).

26 Feb 2019 - Pompano Dive Center, 101 North Riverside, Pompano Beach (same marina, other end of plaza). The boat shows scheduled for 1:30, so I would imagine they want us there by 1:00. I have not reserved yet, but I will do so when I’m down there today for the other boat today. I will be going in there anyhow to refill my tanks. this trip is to the Captain Dan wreck at 80’-110’ for both dives.

27 Feb 2019 - Sea Experience Dive Shop, 801 Seabreeze Blvd, Fort Lauderdale. Boat leaves at 9:00. I plan to get there at 8:00, since I’ve not been there before. I booked this one online weeks ago, so I have no idea whether they have space or not (the website, seaxp.com, is still allowing bookings for this trip, so I guess that’s good). they are taking us to the Tracy wreck (70’), followed by a shallow reef (30’)

I know it’s (very) late notice, but maybe one (or more) of you guys want to join me.