LatitudeAdjustment - 1/17/2019 6:56 AM
I have a few Oceanic regs that I like BUT the reg you need is the one you can get serviced locally. For me the nearest service is over an hour drive away.

What kind of diving you do or plan to do determines what BCD you need. For travel you’ll want a light one. For wrecks something tougher. Me, I use a Back Plate & Wing (BP&W) I have a plastic one for travel with a 22 pound lift wing. For cold water I have a 6 pound stainless steel backplate with a 33 pound lift wing. Both can be used with a single or double tank. The harness can be moved between them but I have both set up and I just move the weight pockets to whichever set-up I’m using. These will grow with your diving :)

The compass in my Oceanic console sometime stuck (it’s 40 years old) so I got one on a retractable tether 10 years ago, lately that sometimes sticks :(

The other thing you need to think about, the shop you are DM’ing for may want you to wear their brand.