MDW - 1/04/2019 10:20 AM
I just took my own advice and bought a Liquivision Lynx used off eBay for $150 (I think new ones are $699 to $999) to replace my failed Liquivision Xen bottom timer (pressure sensor went haywire and now reads 20 - 25 feet when at the surface). I already had all the accessories from the Xen (batteries, charger, PC link, etc.) so this was a great deal for me. I have not acquired a transmitter to go with this yet, but it will support up to 3 for use by me and up to 7 more for monitoring buddies’ gas. I will probably not buy any transmitters or use the AI features, since I dive sidemount and mixed gas diving which would require me to have 3 transmitters for full integration on all my tanks on a given dive. At $350 per transmitter, I don’t think this is worth it to me. Also, since the Lynx only does air and Nitrox, I will use my 2 Nitek Qs for trimix diving and only use the Lynx for recreational dives (as primary, with my trusty Nitek Duo as backup). I do think the Lynx may be a good choice for the OW / AOW diver with just a single tank or manifolded doubles, which would require only buying 1 transmitter.