MDW - 11/01/2018 4:24 PM
Start from the student side, follow rope from fire truck to bus, to cesna, to tanker, to boat, to van, back to fire truck.

Or, fire truck, bus, cesna, Comet, then follow north wall back to student side docks.

Now, if you leave the lines:

Peninsula West, follow wall toward AquaPark. When you see the cables holding the docks around the AquaPark, turn left and follow the edge of the AquaPark (big concrete blocks with cables going up). When you get to the end of that, you should be able to see the Trolley more or less straight ahead of you. From here you can go perpendicular off the center of the Trolley down the cliff to a Chevelle at 80 or 90 feet. Return the same way.

From the Tanker, which you can reach as detailed above via ropes, go perpendicular off the center toward the wall. Straight up that back wall you will find another, older, Cesna. From here you can turn east and follow that wall all the way around to the pumphouse and then continue around back to the student side at shallow depths.