MDW - 11/01/2018 3:55 PM
Surface swimming is a pain in the @$$, and the ears if you drop down then come up to go to the next thing and drop down again.

I recommend some of the following routes, all of which can be easily navigated by following ropes:

Start from Peninsula East Ramp, follow line from dock to platform, rope from platform to bus, rope from bus to Cesna, rope from Cesna to boat, to Comet, go up wall right next to Comet and end up almost right back at the dock you started at.

Start from Peninsula West Ramp, follow rope to platform, rope to Crane, follow island next to Crane heading left (East) until you see the rope up to the Cesna, go up to Cesna if you wish, then follow that rope to the boat and then the Comet. Take the line off the bow of the Comet up to the same platform you started at and then the rope back to the original dock you started.