MDW - 11/01/2018 10:55 AM
I found what worked for me was OMS backplate (2lb AL or 6lb SS, depending on your suit and weighting needs) which is identical in shape, size, weight and hole pattern to Halcyon, but for a lower price. To this I mated a Halcyon back pad/lift bag pocket (only one’s who make this very functional unit, and it fits the OMS plate perfectly). For a wing I have used a DiveRite Trek or Rec wing (short single or narrow doubles), DiveRite Venture wing (Tall, fat, heavy single LP120), and DiveRite Classic wing (medium to fat doubles and/or tech diving with up to 3 stage/deco bottles).

More recently, I have switched to a DiveRite SS BP, which has the same weight, but different hole pattern (around the outer edge) than the OMS or Halcyon plates. With this one I can’t mount the lift bag pocket between my back and the plate (no holes in the rite spots), but it is slightly longer and I like the curve better. I have at times added a butt plate for clipping extra stuff and/or a bottom mounted lift bag pocket.

I have a heavy (6lb) STA made by Northeast Scuba Supply that allowed me to dive a single with the same (no) lead weight as with doubles. You can no longer get this item from them as I think they have not made a batch in about ten year, but you could make your own.

Hogathian (single piece) harness is the way to go. No extra do dads and plastic parts to break/fail and nothing extra to poke you or slide into the wrong place. Simple and effective (and cheap at about $15 for the webbing).