GreggS - 9/17/2018 8:56 AM
No, I use Windows and the Android app. I haven’t really read the reviews, I just know that I’ve had a very good experience with Subsurface and love it. And actually, I have heard more negative comments from Mac and iPhone users on another dive forum than I have for Windows/Android. I currently use a Suunto Vyper Novo, my wife has the Vyper Air and we have no problems at all. But then, I download to my PC and then sync to the Android app. I haven’t been able to download directly to the app yet but I still try occasionally. Don’t know just what the problem is and haven’t really had the time to delve into it. If your DC has Bluetooth, that may make it simpler and easier, but I really don’t know since the Suuntos we use don’t have that function.

When you first use it, it will download all the dives on your computer. If there are dives you don’t want downloaded (for example, you bought a used computer and don’t want to log the dives from the previous owner, you can either uncheck those dives before downloading or delete them afterwards. If you have dives that are not on your computer, you can enter them manually.

But like I said, it’s free, so if you download it and it doesn’t work for you, all you’ve lost is a little time.

BTW, the reason I even looked for a 3rd party dive log is because the Suunto logging program, DM5, is a total POS. Love the computers, hate the software.