m_grieco - 8/26/2018 4:32 PM
Liza, I have not done extensive diving in Indonesia, but I have done a bit, and researched other spots I have yet to dive. So that’s my disclaimer before I give my two cents. Bunaken Marine park was great, and I stood as guests with Bunaken Cha Cha Resort. Raf and Rieko (owners/managers) are superb hosts; to date I would rate that place as one of my favorite places on earth. If you go to Bunaken (which is pretty remote), look into diving Lembeh Strait, a home of numerous underwater oddities and some of the best muck diving on the planet. Other notable places I have yet to dive but I have yet to dive are Komodo Island and Raja Ampat. Bali also offers good diving, but is pretty regional/diverse, so research the different regions and what they have to offer. I also have heard good things about the Gili Islands, but have not researched them a ton. I do know the Gili’s were recently hit with a significant earthquake, so travel deals may be coming there soon once they clean up. From what I’ve read, some of the reefs actually cracked during the earthquake, but the corals pretty much remained in tact so it wasn’t as destructive as a hurricane/typhoon. Let me know if you like any additional information about Bunaken as it’s the area I am the most familiar with.