Mrvegas - 6/20/2018 11:46 PM
If you’re really eager to dive, I could bring a tank for you (assuming standard yoke regulator). Anyway, feel free to message me or respond here when you think you might want to dive. Week nights could work too maybe while the days are still pretty long. Dove Circleville today after work — very low visibility, but fun. A 3/2 wetsuit would have been fine there today (low 70s, I think). Eventually, you’ll probably want something thicker if you are diving Ohio quarries. (More neoprene also means you need more weight, of course.)

We have done a few dives in the Caribbean. The dive master asked us why we were all staying so close. We told him it was because in Ohio we were used to feeling lucky if we could see the fins of the person ahead of us. (It’s usually not quite that murky — only sometimes.)