Mrvegas - 6/20/2018 8:20 AM
I am in Columbus, Ohio and would definitely be interested in finding folks who want to do some quarry diving. I was actually certified at AAO last summer and have done the central Ohio quarry circuit. Circleville (Twin Quarries), Newark (Northpoint), and Lancaster (Lakeview RV) are all about one hour away and Whitestar is great too, but about 2 hours away. Visibility varies from decent to green, but it is always fun. Circleville is an easy, friendly place. I usually dive with family, but looking for others to dive with also since they can’t always make it.

I’m probably available a good number of weekends — even June 23 and 24 if you’re interested. (And assuming we can get past every day weather of "scattered thunderstorms." Note that a 3/2 wetsuit will probably this time of year for these places, but you might be a little cold anywhere but Circleville, which tends to warm up more. I would say that a 5mm or a 7mm would be a good idea for Ohio quarries. (I usually dive a 7mm). You might want a 7mm if you are going to be diving spring or Fall — visibility was great in October last year.