CharlesGraves - 6/20/2018 2:56 AM
Get the Bare reactive 5mm. It’s really good it almost feels like a 7mm

If you’re diving cold-ish water, a 7-5 suit is good (7 torso, 5 on limbs).

Also buying used never hurts!

I love diving and I have added new stuff over the past couple years. I’m getting into cave diving and all I can say is this:

1) make sure price is fair. Compare to online

2) make sure you like it. Try it on

3) make sure you’re serious about scuba and will continue to use it. If you’ll get bored in 3 months then yeah, it was a bad choice

4) and also honestly know your finances. If money is tight, dont spend on scuba. But if you’re doing good financially, why not splurge a little?