CharlesGraves - 6/20/2018 2:50 AM
Keep in mind the wreck intro course won’t really get you certified for wreck diving. For that, you’d TECHNICALLY need to get your “overhead diver” cert... or your “wreck penetration” cert

However I agree wreck will be more fun than the other one

If you don’t wanna pay for the wreck course, AT LEAST invest in 2 (TWO) good flashlights and a reel. I recommend a 400 ft reel from Halcyon or Diverite, and get the Tovatec 1000lumen flashlight. It’s reallu good and only $120. But get 2 just in case first one fails. For cave diving you need 3.

Also watch videos on how to work with scuba reels and practice them at home with the reel. And practice In water prior to using it

If you carefully tie off before entering the wreck, and stay calm, and have good buoyancy and never let go of the line and carefully check your air, you should be fine. If you enter wreck with 2500 PSI, make sure you exit wreck by 1700 PSI. Don’t cut it close.

Also ideally it’s good to have a pony bottle or do doubles or sidemount, in case your reg breaks or somehow hits something and gets turned off.. but the extra regulators for it get expensive. Pony bottles with cheap reg attaches are fairly cheap and light