MrAnthony - 4/15/2018 10:57 PM
The correct answer is "It depends on who you ask."

According to DOT, who is the final governing authority, a VIP sticker expires on the last day of the month it’s punched (If your sticker is punched 04/2017 then it expires at midnight on 04/30/2018) unless a disqualifying condition occurs first.

According to PSI-PCI, it expires on the FIRST day of the month it’s punched. (If your sticker is punched 04/2017 then it expires at midnight on 03/31/2018) unless a disqualifying condition occurs first. (Such a a hydro expiration).

I don’t know what SSI teaches in their VIP class.

And no John_Glu, a VIP is not "optional". It’s codified into federal law in CFR 29, 1910.101a and CFR 49 171-179. CFR 29 also further states that IF CFR 29 or CFR 49 "are not applicable" then a high pressure cylinder must be inspected in accordance with CGA pamphlet C-6. CGA pamphlet 6 requires annual visual inspections.

What makes it even more confusing is that a VIP sticker isn’t required by any law at all, but a VIP is. What a VIP sticker does is make sense as a dive shop doesn’t have to ask you if your cylinder was VIP’d in the last year and who VIP’d it and then call that shop or inspector and ask them to go check their DOT logbook and see if your cylinder was really VIP’d. Imagine what a CF it would be if you had 18 people waiting to board a dive boat and you had to call 18 places and ask them if they VIP’d 18 tanks. What if a shop was closed that day, or the employee that VIP’d your cylinder was off that day?

What is funny is people who argue that Federal Code "isn’t really law" don’t argue that federal Copyright law (Title 17, United States Code) "isn’t really law".

Whatever you consider as "the expiration date" depends on which set of rules you chose to go by. I’m PSI certified, so I go by PSI rules and inspect to PSI standards. If your shop doesn’t go by PSI rules but goes by DOT rules then they aren’t breaking the law, they’re breaking the rules. Breaking the rules isn’t breaking the law.

Neither one of the shops here in town would give you any grief if your sticker was punched on 04/2017 and you showed up to dive on 04/29/2018.