LatitudeAdjustment - 4/03/2018 5:41 AM
A lot of choices but you don’t mention how you are traveling. I’m using an RV and that limits what shops I can use because of parking because most LDS are not at the dock and parking at the marinas is limited and in some cases you need to feed a meter.

The only LDS I’ve found so far with parking for the RV is Blue Heron whose boat leaves from Phil Foster Park.

Diving at BHB needs to be at slack high tide so it’s not always a direct replacement for a blown out dive. Make time to do BHB east (small stuff), west (bigger stuff) and snorkel trail because you can’t do all 3 in one dive. Pura Vida and ForceE sponsor night dives there a few times a month, check their web site and you will need to stop at the shop for the night parking permit. Try to do BHB during the week because weekends are crowded and a week ago they ran out of parking at 10:30 for a afternoon high tide.