ibJones - 2/12/2018 6:58 AM
A VIP is good for up to 12 months (365 days).

That means if your cylinder was inspected on March 15th, it can be valid up until March 14th of the following year. "Good until the end of the month" is not really true because that could possibly put you more than 365 days.

Since we don’t usually put the day of inspection on our VIP stickers, just the month and year, we normally allow that "extra time" to slide.

Under the "good til the end of the month" logic, I could get 13 months out of a VIP, and that would violate the "required annually" rule the industry has established.

If I inspect your cylinder on Jan1st, and you allege your sticker is good until the end of the month, that would actually put you 30 days out of VIP as you could use that tank until January 31st of the next year, 30 days more than "a year".

I wouldn’t worry about it much. If you run into a dive shop that won’t fill your cylinder because your VIP is out by a week, they are just being nit picky. Hell, if I inspect your cylinder today and deem it "safe to use" and put my sticker on it, there’s no possible way I can say it’s going to be safe to fill next week. I don’t know what conditions your cylinder is exposed to one it leaves my possession.