CrazyJones - 2/07/2018 5:02 AM
A C-card is a luxury anyway. My last name wore off the card in my wallet from friction. I asked the shop owner if I would have a problem going on a charter with them because of it. I really didn’t want to pay PADI another $40 for a 30 cent plastic card. He said as long as the picture on the C card was me, he didn’t care what name was on it.

We had this discussion with PADI for some of the Special Forces guys at LeJunne who didn’t want their photo sent to PADI and stored in an online database when they took their OW course last year. The PADI instructor "firmly insisted" that they had to be photographed for him to certify them.

The question from JAG was, "Under what theory can PADI deny certifying an individual if that individual has paid the course fee, met the course requirements, and passed the final exam?" The answer from PADI was, "The individual is certified, but we won’t issue a C-card without a photo. The Individual would give his information to the dive shop and they’d look him up on the PADI site and the "no photo available" generic pic would be shown on the website. The dive shop would see a military ID card to verify the name/DOB on file with PADI matched the person at the dive shop."

Of course, that all depends on the dive shop guy and if he’s in the mood to verify you thru the PADI website.

One shop I patronized was like that. They insisted on a plastic card. I asked them what they were gonna do when PADI ended the plastic card and went 100% digital. After they thought about that for about 15 seconds they decided the PADI "e-card" app on my cellphone was good enough evidence of certification.