LatitudeAdjustment - 1/17/2018 6:52 AM
I’ll be diving that week :)

"Heard they don’t sell equipment/gear there.. Is that correct or am I mistaken.."
The show rules are the SCUBA equipment manufacturer can’t sell. This is protect your Local Dive Shop (LDS) however you can get deals sent to your home, there are a few LDS’s selling on the floor but the price can’t be shown to prevent price wars. Sometimes it’s just the price tag turned away from eyes.

Reel manufacturers and soft weights sell. There is one wetsuit and rash guard maker up front on the 800 isle that sells. I’ve seen those oversized coat/changing room sell. Photo equipment, lights, wet and drysuits and some others take orders and ship to your home. I’ve bought some pre-production stuff there and it shipped later. This is a good time to check fit between makers and even if you don’t buy have the sizes ready for your LDS. Same with mask. Some dive computers you won’t find in your LDS take orders.

If you are there on Sunday there are some real deals to be made so they don’t need to pack this stuff home :)