FtMyersTom - 12/25/2017 11:07 AM
There’s a lot of money in golf balls retrieved from ponds and lakes at golf courses here in Florida and a lot of competition to get locked in with a course. They call them "white gold" and you can make upwards of 100k. Personally I have no interest in diving in 0 vis blindly feeling for golf balls or searching out places to dive with gators. The places the guys above mention is okay I guess but most places you have access publicly to dive the gators are accustomed to tourist feeding them. Gators method of operation is to grab ya death roll ya and stuff ya in a food cache under a bank or log to let ya rot a bit. Below is a link to a golf ball diver attacked last summer and link to facts about the job. If I’m diving with gators I’m getting paid for it. But with the advent of utube people will do most any stupid thing to get 30sec of internet fame. Don’t forget, gator country is water moccasin country too......happy diving.


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