Peter-EH-NJ - 12/15/2017 11:18 PM
I have a dive watch, which I wear everyday. It is a fancy looking watch, bulky and requires self-winding. As for scuba diving, I change over to my Non-Dive watch, which is slim, easy to read, and battery operated. This slim watch was originally my everyday watch, and after testing the waters over 100 ft deep, it became my go to dive watch because it was slim. Since I also have a dive computer, integrated and wrist, the idea of having a bulky, hard to remove, and expensive, dive watch just was not happening. I am sticking with my slim SEIKO watch, which can hide under my wetsuit. This baby is now worth, maybe $30. So, how about the fancy ESQ dive watch, worth about $200? Well, it has problems because it needs to be activated by movement, and is bulky. I’m not the guy to show off this fancy watch under 100 ft. Nobody cares, and certainly not the fish.