Parsonskm - 11/18/2017 11:13 AM

My name is Kevin and I live in Chesapeake. I got re-certified in August 2017. First certified in Rhode Island as a NASDS Open Water Diver. I had my own Dive business at our local marina, cutting line off props, changing zinks and cleaning the bottoms of Fast Boats. A family member got certified so I thought I would get re-certified after 40 years. So Aug I got re-certified by Scuba Commander by Mark Fineman and Annette Barbarise. Now the weather is changing I may got some bottom time in Fla. But I do plan to more diving in Lake Phoenix and progressing in my certifications.

I am a Disabled Navy Veteran so weekdays or Weekends could work for me.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Kevin P.