LatitudeAdjustment - 10/29/2017 10:38 AM
Hank, how about old advice from an old diver? I did it in a 7 mil and was sometimes chilled because in places like Landslide you anchor yourself to the rocks and watch the parade go by, but not swimming meant you were not making heat and the current is flushing your wetsuit. The good news is you are so busy watching the sharks, eagle rays, hammerheads, dolphins, Galapagos sharks and silkies that you never feel the chill until you start up.

On the other hand during a SI we had a humpback with a calf being escorted by dolphins and being dive bombed by seals and birds. If that had been the whole trip we would have been happy but those trying to keep up snorkeling in drysuits just couldn’t keep up :(