FtMyersTom - 10/25/2017 10:02 AM
I do wear a veo 3.0 wrist for my backup. I guess you can call it a "watch" because it tells time/date but with lots other functions. The benefit over a basic dive watch is I can download dives from it and has the other settings that monitor nitrogen and oxygen levels ect along with nitrox. I do most of my dives deep using nitrox and I need those redundant functions along with counsel computer. Both are oceanic and functions are the same so I didn’t have to learn a different computer.

The last time I was diving in Marathon just before Irma my VEO 180nx took a crap and since the counsel has it’s own pressure gauge I was able to continue the dive using my Veo 3.0 wrist. If I would have had a basic dive watch or no back up I would have had to abort the dive since I was using nitrox on a deep dive. Even though those dive watches are very cool I have to have a redundant computer.