FtMyersTom - 10/11/2017 2:32 PM
The condo at Summer Sea is being used indefinitely, lots of people need temp home.

My window looks like week of oct 30 or nov 5. That Holiday Inn deal you have looks good but as always it’s pp/do and I’m always single occ. I want to give my buds at FKDC some business so if/when I make it I probably will stay at Marina Del Mar and dive a day with you and a day with them.

Will post when I know more. A bit windy now that ol east wind is a btch down your way. Getting any brown water yet? Lake O discharge sure is making a mess up here and there’re sending it out both coasts. Irma woes keep coming.

BTW nice vid, I been on that same dive with those reef holes. I got stuck in 1 and had to back out hihi.