sdweller - 9/21/2017 3:50 PM
We have been out diving the reefs of Key Largo the last couple days. Reefs look fine...sand in between coral heads has dredged out as always happens with storms, some fans down, but other than that fine.

The visibility, which was very bad obviously a few days after, has cleared out and it was beautiful yesterday, we had a couple very good dives.

Lower Keys very bad, and they will take awhile to come back. There are several places you can donate to to help them and it is appreciated greatly.

The upper Keys are taking divers now, all power back, restaurants open. Other than some low areas that sustained water intrusion, hotels, dive shops, etc ready to go now.

The best way to help the keys is to book trips! Here is link to the shop I work for...and link to Key Largo Tourist site for any other books you might want to consider!